About Cain Berlinger

Cain Berlinger Standing

I've always had an active imagination for as long as I can remember, from creating my own comic books as a child, to a career in writing romantic and erotic fiction that has found a world wide adult audience. Subsequently I've looked for ways to share what I consider to be my unique prspective of the world. This is the way I intend to improve my relationship with the world.

My writing has allowed my readers to interpret my words, granting some access to the world of my imagination. Through the medium of photography my fans can now see the world that I see that creates some of the more memorable moments of my prose.

Discovering that I have an eye for the world around me is one of the more exciting discoveries in my life. I am aware of the people, the images, the sights and the sounds. All of which can be interpreted here, visually.

"About me"? Read my books. Read my blog. Visit my website. Examine the pictures I take, view the perspective of my life as seen through my camera's viewfinder. A clearer portrait of who I am does not exist beyond these pages.