Artful Intrigues
Art is limitless imagination made tangible

Overheard at galleries and exhibitions around the world; "What is the artist trying to say?" News flash; The artist has said what he wants to say, YOU just don't get it. But its all right. All forms of art are meant to engage, to entrap, to make you think about what YOU are getting out of this piece. Or what are you going to get out of it in the future The artist wants you to take every piece personally. It is all about you.

Whatever the piece in question is, it is asking you about you, not asking you to figure out him/her as the artist. "What was he thinking when he took this picture" better say, "What do I think about when I look at this picture." In other words "I see that you took a picture of a car So how does that affect me? Or maybe it isn't about you after all.

All images in this gallery are available for purchase as reprints or originals. Please for size, matting and price options.