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cain berlinger
through the lens

I offer a separate and special kind of photo art.
My art challenges you to look anew at the everday world

how i view this world

My name is Cain Berlinger. I am a published author, artist and amateur photographer. I use my camera and art to share my view of the world. I'm passionate about capturing the everday as special moments and emphasizing the hidden beauty in the mundane.


my portfolio

All images in these galleries are available for purchase as reprints or originals. Please for size, matting and price options.

The Human Condition

Beautiful or unseemly, harsh or serene - its all life's moments

Natures Effect

Flowers, fauna and the fantastical

Steel, Glass and Stone

Art and architecture construct our world

Still Lifes

Beauty in the everyday stationary

City Voices

Random shots of city life - wonder in the beat of the city

Artful Intrigues

Art is limitless imagination made tangible

cain berlinger

A few decades ago, I was born in Ohio, raised in New York City. (I'm a southern boy by default. Daddy was born in Mississippi) I've traveled all over the world and along the way I've made and lost many friends. RIP guys. I founded a bar, wrote a few dozen books and took some mighty fine photographs along the way. My philosophy is live and let live, and if you can find a way to include me, all the better. I've loved and 'loved' thank you Goddess!

This site is dedicated to Jack H, Will B., Rob P, David M, Nathan R. and Raul M. you guys are the creme in my coffee.